Friday, April 15, 2011

Man Can *Almost* Live by Home-made Bread Alone!

About 23 years ago, we became convinced that an important ingredient to raising our family in a healthy way, and affordable as well, would be home-made bread.   I started learning....and my parents bought us a big Kitchen aid mixer.  I could make a couple loaves at a time, but had a hard time getting the sort of bread we longed bread remained a coveted treat, lol.  About the time Micah was born, I met a friend who made "real" bread unlike ANY I had ever experienced.  She ground her grain, made the bread, and when it came out of the was a dream!  Soft, springy, soooo yummy....and 100% fresh ground whole wheat.  I suddenly had an all-consuming objective.  I **HAD** to learn to make bread like Sandra.

( I get that way about stuff....I once spent a whole month practicing every. single. day to learn how to french - braid my own hair....) I did learn, that while excellent bread could be made by hand, good equipment really does matter.  I also learned that I *really, really* wanted a Bosch and a Whisper Mill to make it happen according to dream.  By then I was quite good at bread...but it still wasn't Sandra's.  When we moved to Marshfield, in the Spring of 1996, I was gifted anonymously with the greatly coveted Bosch and Whisper Mill.  I can't even tell you how thrilled I was...and within a month....I was making the bread of my dreams!!!!

Lovely, fresh-ground wheat should smell them!!


Talk about a faithful servant!!  That Bosch has made 10-20 pounds of whole-wheat bread *ALMOST* every day since then....without ever once complaining!!  I am feeling sentimental.....because.....I AM GETTING A NEW ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :-D  Once, when we outgrew a *very* well used van, we gave it away, with the disclaimer that it was absolutely on it's last leg, but maybe it could help until something better could be gotten.  That family drove it another 100,000 miles before retiring it.  I am praying that my dear old Bosch, which seems to be on it's last leg, will be blessed of the Lord and last another 15 years of service for it's recipient.  If not, maybe it'll help till she can get a new one. :-)  I have been through 4 or 5 washers and dryers, innumerable coffee pots, several microwaves, a bunch of cars, lots of cellies, and at least 7 computers in the years that my Bosch has kept on kneading.......Wouldn't it be nice if all appliances were as faithful!  :-)

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